A cheers of friendship through biking

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There’s always something great that we could get in the simple joys of life which include human experience honed in physical activities like biking and a long list of health benefits. One of the things that keeps Author going is the importance of camaraderie and making it last through its bike models that are not considered to be as ‘mere’ bikes but as ‘bike buddies’. They’re buddies because they are made out of century-old story of friendship among different races connected by a shared passion for biking.

Get out there and take advantage of a nice day! Breathe fresh air and take advantage of a chance to live at the moment! Take your bike buddy with you and get some chill-out experience. Therefore, you get an awesome ride, a million talks with your friends and a bond of a lifetime.

Make your BIKE-IT list a mile long this year with your friends and some new-found friends. And make it an interesting and fun-filled year with your bike buddy.

(c) Leyann Ramo

Triathletes in the photo are:

Alleson Karl Daroy; bike buddy: Author Bicycles Charisma 66e

Gary Po; bike buddy: Author Bicycles Aura 33

Lloyd Baldoza; bike buddy: Author Bicycles Aura 55

Area: Iligan City, Philippines


Kwesi Yasay: A change of lifestyle with Aura 44

A pedal for change

“Success happens not by chance but by change.”

This is to attest that success happens when someone decides to change for the better. Kwesi Yasay, a registered nurse by profession, felt the need to change his lifestyle and hobbies. It was last year when he tried to pedal a change and try on biking.

Success meant a lot to him especially that his enemy is himself and the desire to get fit. He went on small steps of exploring and visiting bike shops for ideas that will help him decide on what bike to purchase. However the kind of bike that he will try on was a long getting-to-know process until he watched an anime series called “Yowamushi Pedal”. It prompted him to pursue biking on a Road bike.

A good bike is a worth it choice

Cagayan Cyclemart, one of the most-visited bike stores in the City, was the focal point of Kwesi Yasay’s exploration days. “I was looking for a good bike and I saw your brand [Author Bicycles] at the Cyclemart Store”, Kwesi Yasay exclaimed. There were tons of choices but he chose Author Bicycles Aura 44, a triple butted Alloy road bike. On that moment, there were two things that made him a lucky one – Aura 44 was on sale and the change he was aiming for was already at the tip of his hands. “I was expecting a durable and reliable bike that can handle even the rough roads here in CDO and it [Aura 44] really did”, Kwesi Yasay added. Aura 44 didn’t lower his expectations. It was a good bike that was worth his penny.

Aura 44 suited his preferences which thrilled him to start his planned bike rides. Although, he was a beginner, Kwesi Yasay didn’t have hesitations and pedaled on the next day.

Author Mile with Aura 44

Like any other bikers, Kwesi didn’t go in a group when he started his biking sessions. He went alone and determined to pursue change with Aura 44. He was comfortable biking at the wee hours that would usually cover 12-18 miles [20-30 kilometers] every day on a rainy or sunny weather. Reluctance was discouraged only a fun-filled and full of determination bike ride.



Irvin Pepito Goden: A Dream Fulfilled with Author Traction 27.5

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A childhood fantasy became a reality

Running around, playing in damps, going forth and back on stinky holes and all those activities were a child’s memory of his childhood. But for Irvin Goden, an avid Mountain bike user, a childhood fantasy was owning a bike and going around the neighborhood with it. Scenes of people peddling back and forth for a bike ride made him envious but he never stopped in believing that he is going to own one someday.

Owning his dream bike didn’t come as he expected it to be. There were years that he would indulge himself in some other activities instead like playing basketball, going to the gym and running as well yet his desire to own a bike was kept strong. Days came when he decided to do some research about biking as well as the technology involved in it and its latest trends. He came across with various bike groups on Facebook for suggestions and went around visiting bike shops for additional ideas. Then he finally decided to pursue buying a cross-country mountain bike since he loves exploring nature and get close with it. Out from those exhilarating process of bike searching, asking and exploring, one brand caught his attention. He encountered Author Bicycles and was so excited to learn more about it. “It’s a European brand, the materials used are equally better and looked tougher; the design and geometry, and all in all the quality and the technology used made me to buy one – an Author MTB 27.5 Traction 2015 model” explained Irvin.

It was a lucky day for once a fantasy now became part of Irvin’s daily reality – a bike ride on a weekend are his reality.

Author Mile with Traction 27.5

“My first ride with Traction was amazing; the comfort, the functionality and the quality surpassed my expectations”, he commented upon remembering his first Author ride experience.

Succeeding days were on a bike ride every morning. In order to get him pumped-up and energized for the day, a bike ride was his breathing companion. For him, biking and sharing trail ride with new friends who also share the same passion on a weekend with all those breathtaking nature scenes were not only a catch of beauty but also a therapeutic experience that lets him make new friends while establishing a strong character. Biking his way to work was added to his daily routine too.

Irvin realized that he could do so much with it. He decided to take the next level and officially join in a long mile bike ride organized by a bike group in Cagayan de Oro City. And his every day bike ride was never like before anymore. There were already more friends and there were more activities involved.

Moving forward with his bike buddy

Irvin noted that of quote of Albert Einstein when he said, “life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”.

Human experience involved in biking and its numerous health benefits are some of the things that Irvin Goden is now enjoying with his Author bike buddy. Moving forward means an everyday bike ride full of happiness and contentment – this is where he keep his balance; this is where gets resilience to move forward and enjoy his every day bike ride.

A living proof of Passion and Resilience

Author Charisma for Mr. Daroy

Challenging Limits

For some people, being a triathlete is a hobby considering that it gives them happiness after a month or month’s hardwork. While for others, choosing it as a career is more than just achieving constant happiness but more importantly it becomes a companion to a journey of knowing their potential and challenging their limitation. One of those who challenged to excel is Alesson Karl Daroy, a local of Iligan City who became a triathlete at the age of 23.

Humble steps towards biking

Alesson, like the rest of the ‘90’s kids, likes to explore outdoor activities and go biking when he was 14 years old. The only way to get out of their house is through biking and pedal his way out across the street. His every day encounter with biking helps him become more curious about it. The simple acts of ‘peddling’ around the corners of their neighborhood are already part of his every day routine. That regular encounter eventually becomes his humble steps towards making it part of his life as his career. There’s no way that he would let go the joy it gives him during his charming days on a ‘mechanical’ and old bike up to this time that he is a grown-up and has already bought one of his dream bikes.

Author Charisma 66e – a Dream Bike and a Blessing

‘Author was introduced by a friend of mine being displayed at a shop in CDO’, says Alesson. He got little information about the brand and yes he had some hesitations but he got amazed with Author Charisma 66e’s design and geometry. He couldn’t let go of the bike thus he asked his friend if it was worth the price and it was a big yes.

He purchased the bike not because of pure luck but because it was a blessing. Charisma 66e’ was a blessing on his birthday and a dream bike in the pursuit to triumph his limitations as a newbie triathlete.

Author Ride – Anticipations, Impressions, and stories of first Mile

The bike must be strong enough to outlast even the rough roads and the ride must be comfortable enough for a strong finish. ‘Based from the manufacturer and designer, I am giving 95% trust on the bike’, Alesson stated. It was one day after purchasing Charisma, Alesson tried it on doing a few downhill on rough roads around Iligan City and did some bunny hops to test its performance and ride. The test proved him that the bike is worth purchasing even on a high scale price. He gave his 95% trust to the bike but after his series of tests, he added 5% to it. ‘It has nothing to improve and upgrade and it fits me well, Alesson exclaimed.

Author Charisma 66e’ was a bike buddy and his race machine during the Defy 123 Triathlon in Panglao, Bohol which was his first mile with Author. It was his first attempt on a race with Charisma and he was a little nervous. But he finished the race with a smile. ‘It was struggle-free and worry-free’, he then concluded.

However, Charisma, being one of Author’s top Carbon bikes, can still deceive a little struggle during practice days. Its Mavic-branded tires are not good for his practices on rough roads thus Alesson spares his bike buddy which he only use for preparations on special race days.

Just like other triathletes, Alesson has a few other brands of bikes and Charisma is one of those branded bike buddies that accompany him to his goal. For every race that he’s been to, his motivation is not only to win the race but more importantly to win it with his bike buddies in the name of grace and hardwork.

As the saying puts it, ‘the best dreams happen when you’re awake and riding your bike’. Alesson is a living proof that the boundaries that separate us from our goals are hardwork, patience, consistent effort, the immense feeling to improve and a good choice and taste in picking your race machine.

(c) Maloy Ardieta


For how many years now, Author Bicycles is consistently participating in Taipei International Cycle Show that is an annual event sponsored by top businesses and the government of Taiwan in order to introduce the latest technologies ever invented for cycling and most importantly to promote the cycling industry.

This year, Author Bicycles is present and an annual participant of the Cycle Show. Its booth is at booth number I1429 in Nangang 1F. A few 2016 models are displayed in the booth and every visitor can visit and ask the sales team of Author 🙂

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A Cute Reminder of Trust

Japanese Customer drawing for Author

There are lots of ways to express your gratitude when you are satisfied with a service or particular product. But there’s only a few ways to express it in a sincere and fun way. Author Bicycles is profoundly touched with a drawing made by a Japanese customer. The drawing even in its simplest form is a reminder that there are people out there who are always willing to fully trust the brand and that they are always willing to patronize it. We, at Author Bicycles, is inspired to produce European-quality bikes and accessories that are quality-wise affordable and performance-wise elegant. 🙂

Cheers to more Author Stories and fun ride adventures! See you on trails and on the road!

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Author Bicycles Technology

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Author Bicycles is still young in the bicycle industry compared to other brands who have already established their names on the minds of bicycle enthusiasts, athletes, riders, sports-inclined people and the like and who have already become part of their lifestyle. But being young doesn’t mean ‘incompetent’ when it comes to its technologies and advancement plans. Yes, it is still blossoming to cope up with the latest trend but it sure is working hard to provide European-quality bikes without compromising performance.

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